Name | 項目名稱

Shenzhen Liyuan Primary School丨深圳荔園小學

Location | 項目地點

Shenzhen,China 丨 中國深圳

Client | 項目業主 

Shenzhen Liyuan Primary School丨深圳荔園小學

The Landscape Design 丨景觀設計




Area | 項目面


Design Time丨設計時間


Project Style 丨 項目風格

Modern Natural Style 丨現代自然

Keywords丨 關鍵詞

Edutainment,Interactive sharing丨寓教於樂、互動共享



Liyuan Primary School is located in Tongfu Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, with beautiful ecological environment and convenient transportation near metro Line 2. Nearby, there are libraries, science museums, museums and theatres, with a strong cultural atmosphere. The original intention of the design is to create a diversified and rich learning environment in the campus, guide students' activities through shaping the space, give full play to the effect of environmental education, so that students can think freely and grow healthily here. Based on the education concept of "environmental education", with the design concept of "DNA of variety", the landscape design integrates creativity, nature and vitality. From the macro to the micro, reasonable layout of the space, elaborate design of details, to create a space complex international campus.








The functional  zoning of the  information  garden is  designed  and  planned  reasonably.  According to the psychological needs and learning needs  of students,  the square is divided  into meditation space,  cultural exhibition  corridor and  communication space.  By injecting  fresh humanistic   atmosphere into the site, it creates a compound place for students to learn love, meditate and communicate, so as to realize the ultimate goal of environmental education.







DNA (abbreviation of Deoxyriboucleic acid) is deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a biological macromolecule that can form genetic instructions and guide the development of organisms and the operation of life skills. Its main function is information storage. At the same time, the petals of shenzhen flower bougangvillea were extracted to simplify and abstract processing, making it a characteristic pattern in landscape design, and integrating its perseverance, indomitable and enterprising spirit into the school.

DNA(為英文Deoxyriboucleic acid的縮寫)是脫氧核糖核酸,它是一種生物大分子,可組成遺傳指令,引導生物發育與生命技能運作,主要功能是信息儲存。同時提取深圳市花三角梅的花瓣元素,簡化抽象處理,使其成為景觀設計中的特色圖案,將其堅韌不拔、頑強奮進的精神融匯到學校中。 







The campus environment is the second classroom for students. Based on the cognitive development needs of primary students at the present stage, we extend the teaching space to the outdoors to create a rich and diverse plant science park. Here students can freely explore the mysteries of plants, understand the characteristics of plants, make plant specimens, in the process of learning to contact with nature, understanding nature.