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Zunyi Meitan Qiushi Senior Middle School丨遵义市湄潭求是高级中学

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Zunyi,China 丨 中國遵义

Client | 項目業主 

Zunyi Meitan Qiushi Senior Middle School丨遵义市湄潭求是高级中学

The Landscape Design 丨景观设计




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Design Time丨設計時間


Project Style 丨 項目風格

Modern and Simple Style 丨現代簡約

Keywords丨 關鍵詞

Edutainment,Interactive sharing丨寓教於樂、互動共享



Meitan Qiushi Senior High School is located in Meitan County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. Based on the current situation of school cultural construction, the design of the first phase of the school refuses to be monotonous, and strives to create one school and one quality .  With culture as the soul and environment as the carrier , it realizes  cultural education +  space education  +  environment education .  The first phase of the planning mainly  focuses on the key points or spatial nodes of the transformation, respectively: the construction of the campus sign system, the design of the entrance door on the first floor of the teaching building , the design of the display wall of the teaching building hall, the cultural construction of the stairway and corridor and the cultural construction of the classroom corridor.

湄潭縣求是高級中學位於貴州省遵義市湄潭縣,設計從學校文化建設的現狀出發,一期規劃拒絕千篇一律,力求打造一校一品,以文化為魂,以環境為載體,實現文化育人+空間育人+環境育人。 一期規劃主要集中改造的要點或空間節點分別是: 校園標識系統建設、教學樓一樓入口門頭設計、教學樓大廳展示墻設計、樓梯廊道文化建設以及教室過道文化建設。








The square in front of the canteen is transformed into  a cultural corridor . The cultural corridor as  a whole is in the form of an axis ,  with  three ceremonial entrances and exits, forming the boundary of the landscape. Among them, qiushi Station, sunshine lawn, central sculpture, landscape seating, cultural propaganda column , rest space, exhibition space and other spatial forms are implanted to provide a venue for outdoor exhibitions and cultural exchanges of the school. Form a boundary-free space  covering reading , learning , interaction , social and other life scenes . Serialized  metal hollow  display wall as the carrier , focusing  on  the  display of celebrity columns, aphorisms and other content, to create a strong school culture atmosphere, the formation of a strong magnetic field in the campus "learning field".

食堂前廣場空間利用率低,硬質化景觀占比大,為了更好地發揮環境育人效果最大化,將食堂前廣場改造為文化長廊 。文化長廊整體呈軸線形態,設置了三個儀式性的出入口,形成景觀的邊界,其中植入了求是站 、陽光草坪 、中心雕塑 、景觀坐凳 、文化宣傳欄、休憩空間、展示空間等空間形態,為學校進行戶外展覽展示、文化交流等提供場地,形成涵蓋讀閱、學習、互動、社交等多種生活場景的無邊界空間 。以序列化的金屬鏤空展示牆為載體,集中展示了名人立柱、名言警句等內容,營造出濃厚的學校文化氛圍,在校園裏形成磁場強大的“學習場”。








Corridor culture and staircase culture take the training objectives of different grades of senior one, senior two and senior three as the main line, combined with the school philosophy, style of study and school spirit of our school, in the form of propaganda board integrated in the classroom corridor of each teaching building, aiming at cultivating students' morality, emotion and values.








The class plate pursues simplicity and atmosphere in shape . The color follows  the VI color of Meitan  Qiushi  Senior Middle School . The overall tone is calm  and the form of expression is well illustrated, which is coordinated with the image style of the campus and has obvious school-based characteristics.

湄潭縣求是高級中學位於貴州省遵義市湄潭縣 ,設計從學校文化建設的現狀出發 ,一期規劃拒絕千篇一律,力求打造一校一品,以文化為魂,以環境為載體,實現文化育人+空間育人+環境育人。 一期規劃集中改造的要點或空間節點分別是: 校園標識系統建設、教學樓一樓入口門頭設計、教學樓大廳展示墻設計、樓梯廊道文化建設以及教室過道文化建設。